Changelog Website Template

Easily publish a changelog with release notes with this free website template. Add your notes, change style and typography, and your website is ready. Try it today.

A changelog is a curated chronologically ordered list of changes for each version of a project or product. It's kept to make it easier for users to see what notable changes have been made between each release or version of a project or product.

Weather you're working at a startup or on a side project this change log website template is perfect for you to keep a beautiful and modern list of changes.

Powered by our CMS

The template is powered with our powerful CMS making it easy to add, change and remove updates to your changelog. You can easily invite collaborators for them to manage the update notes without being worried about the design changes.

Fully customizable

Our templates are fully customizable for you to change colors, logo or rearrange any of the sections on the page. This template is fully responsive meaning it works and looks great on all screen sizes like desktop, tablet and mobile.


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