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Goran Babarogic

Discover Athos, a clean and elegant Framer-built template tailored for UX designers. Boost your portfolio with its structured case study layout and captivating animations.

Introducing Athos, an exquisite Framer-built template meticulously crafted for discerning UX designers. Elevate your portfolio's allure with its refined case study structure, seamlessly highlighting your design journey. Athos' sophisticated animations effortlessly captivate attention, breathing life into your projects. Immerse your audience in a seamless user experience that mirrors your design prowess. Unveil a world where aesthetics and functionality converge harmoniously. With Athos, transcend conventional boundaries and make your mark in the realm of UX design. Your portfolio deserves nothing less than the distinction and elegance that Athos delivers.



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Published July 18, 2023