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Nexo is a high-quality multi-layout Framer template designed for SaaS websites. We understand the need of a modern SaaS website. That's the reason we have crafted 14 unique pages that are necessary for any SaaS website. Now you can launch your website in Framer within a day.

Nexo is a premium, multi-layout template developed specifically for use with Framer, a prototyping tool used to create interactive and immersive designs. This unique product was developed with a primary focus on the specific needs and expectations of contemporary SaaS (Software as a Service) websites.

At its core, Nexo is about providing solutions for businesses that offer SaaS products. We understand that the landscape of SaaS is always changing, and a website offering these services needs to be agile, efficient, and visually appealing to stand out from the competition. Recognizing this, Nexo is built to reflect the latest design trends, whilst ensuring the functionality that a modern SaaS website demands.



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Published June 26, 2023