Creative Elements

Creative Elements like Time & Date

The Creative Section to the Insert Panel, with fun components and presets that you can use to bring your sites to life. You might recognize a few of these from—we have redesigned and reimplemented these.


Explore the latest creative tools we've added to the insert panel on your website! Located just under the elements section, this cool new feature is packed with fresh components and presets to jazz up your site. In this video, we walk you through creating an eye-catching spinning arc around an icon – it’s super easy. Just drag and drop, tweak the size, color, and text, and choose a funky typeface to make it pop.

We’re also showing off some neat stuff like the countdown component, time and date feature, and some slick pattern presets including wave, grid, and noise. These aren’t just pretty to look at; they’re a breeze to customize to fit your style. Plus, there are these awesome scribbles and patterns you can quickly add to your designs.

Whether you want to spruce up your site with cool text arcs, fun scribbles, or handy countdowns, these tools are simple to use and adapt. Check them out and keep an eye out for more updates coming your way!