Responsive Dropdown Menu

Make Responsive Dropdown Menus From Scratch

Make Responsive Dropdown Menus From Scratch

Learn how to create a responsive navigation with dropdowns in Framer—completely from scratch.


In this video tutorial, we walk through the process of creating a responsive navigation menu with dropdowns from scratch. The tutorial demonstrates the step-by-step approach to designing and implementing the menu for both desktop and mobile devices.

The initial setup involves creating a navigation stack with an icon and a title. We then proceed to add text layers onto the stack and apply pre-made text styles for the desired appearance. By duplicating and modifying these items, we create multiple navigation options.

To enable dropdown functionality, we introduce a carrot component and group it with the navigation items. Adjustments are made to the width, height, and gap settings to ensure proper alignment. With the component in place, we define different variants, such as "default" and "open," each with its own styling and opacity.

The next step involves adding dropdown menus to the navigation items. This is achieved by selecting the component instance and dragging a suitable dropdown menu from the asset panel. Customization options, including appearance, transition effects, and height, are then adjusted to achieve the desired look.

To activate the dropdowns, we set triggers to open the appropriate variants. Additionally, we customize the hover interactions and link the menu items to relevant website URLs. This ensures that the dropdown menus are functional and provide a seamless user experience.

To address responsiveness, we convert the navigation stack into a component and create a "phone" variant. The layout is modified to fit mobile breakpoints, including resizing, flipping, and adding a menu icon. We make sure to adjust the visibility and layout properties to suit different device types.

Furthermore, we create additional links for the phone variant and make necessary adjustments to maintain consistency. The order and styles of the links are matched across variants, ensuring smooth transitions between them.

Throughout the tutorial, we provide tips and suggestions to enhance the navigation menu's design and responsiveness. By the end of the video, you will have a fully functional and visually appealing responsive navigation menu with dropdowns.