Scroll Transforms

Scroll Transforms

Design expressive landing pages with complete control over the scroll position.


Scroll Transforms aren't just about improving usability; they bring static elements to life. For instance, let's consider a badge. By using the scroll transform UI and introducing rotation along with a spring curve, the result is a dynamic, engaging element that feels buttery-smooth and truly interactive.

Enriching App Experiences with Scroll Transforms

But it doesn't stop there. Scroll Transforms can be applied effectively to features like an application window in the headers. By introducing a layer in view, an entrancing entrance effect can be achieved, adding a touch of animation to usually static elements.

Continuing this trend, we delve into nested Scroll Transforms, which offer even greater dynamism. One exciting application allows for site previews within the app window, giving users a glimpse of the depth your design offers. To top it off, by introducing a shimmer effect which transforms from left to right, the overall visual engagement is significantly elevated.

Synchronization with “Section in View”

An essential aspect of Scroll Transforms is the "Section in View," enabling synchronization of transformations within a specific section, irrespective of layer size or position. This functionality comes to the fore especially when working with nested transforms on a feature like a ticker within a stack, showcasing powerful, dynamic visual cues.

Scrolling Transforms and Video Sections

One of the flexible areas Scroll Transforms truly shine is within video sections. Here, by leveraging the 'Section in View' control, changing characteristics like the section's opacity and scale becomes a breeze. Additionally, it becomes exceedingly simple to correct spacing issues with an offset Y attribute.

The often overlooked play icon also benefits from these changes. Using a nested transform feature, its appearance timing can be adjusted with the viewport control, enhancing user experience and overall design aesthetics.