Capture user data with the Input Component.

Capture user data with the Input Component.

The Input Component allows you to easily capture email signups on your sites.


You can find the Input Component in the Insert Menu, inside the Forms section. Drag and drop it onto your page, connect it to a service of your choosing, and you’re good to go. The component supports, MailChimp, FormSpark, and GetWaitlist. On success, you can either redirect to a new page, or open a custom overlay—giving you much more control over the success state design and messaging. It’s extremely customizable too, and captures most common input layout patterns.

Form Alternatives

If your use case requires forms beyond a single input, Framer has many integrations built-in to assist you. These integrations range from focused service-integrated forms like Calendly, to custom form builders such as Typeform and MagicForm. These Integrations can be added to your website by searching for them in the Insert Menu. Alternatively, those experienced with building forms in React have the option to utilise our developer features to build custom forms within Code Components.