How to add inputs and forms

The best sites convert leads, bookings, and signups using different types of forms. Framer provides a number of integrations that allow you to add inputs and forms to your site.

Simple Contact Form

If you would like to add a simple contact form to your website, we recommend that you use the Formspark integration. You can add this to your website by searching for it in the Insert menu. Once added to the canvas, you can set your Formspark ID, customise the colors, fields, and placeholders, and it will work instantly on your site.

Service Integrated Form

You can also use one of our following integrations to achieve more advanced functionality:

Custom Form without Code

If you are looking to build a completely custom form such as a survey or a signup form, you can look at the following integrations:

  • Typeform is an easy to use, designer friendly option

  • HubSpot is focused on marketing and comes with very flexible tooling

Custom Form with Code

In order to build a completely custom form, you will need to use code. Learn how to do this in this support article.