Using Scroll Effects

You can add Scroll Effects to any layer or component. To add any effect, select a layer, then click on the Effects property and select an effect to add.

Adding Effects

Currently, we support two types of Scroll Effects: Scroll Appear and Scroll Speed.

Appear allows you to animate any layer as you scroll past it, or in other words, as it enters the viewport. If you are using it with components, it allows you to animate between two Variants — one for when the component is hidden off-screen, and the other to animate to when it’s visible on-screen. Meanwhile, Speed allows you to define the scrolling speed of a layer, which allows to you to design parallax effects.

Note: Scroll Effects are currently not supported for Graphics.

Appear Effects

The Appear effect allows you to animate layers as you scroll past them. See a short summary of the available properties below.

  • Trigger: This determines whether the effect is triggered on load vs. when the element comes into view on the screen.

  • Start From: This property defines when the animation begins. If you have a layer that is 200 pixels high, by default it will start the animation when half of the section is in view (100 pixels). If you change this to the top of the section, it will animate as soon as the element is in view, and if you set it to the bottom, it will animate slightly later.

  • Animate: This option determines whether the animation will only happen once or every time the user scrolls past the element.

  • Preset: This gives you a list of pre-defined animations that work out of the box. To create your own custom animation with different enter / exit animations, unlock the lock next to Enter and Exit.

You can customise the animation by clicking on Effect. In this panel, you have access to a couple of properties: Opacity, Scale, Offset X, Offset Y, Rotate, Rotate X, Rotate Y, Perspective, and Transition. Any changes you make to these values will also be visible on the canvas, so you can preview the enter and exit states. Once done, simply return and dismiss the popover.

Speed Effects

Speed Effects allow you to define the scrolling speed of any given layer. You can use this to create parallax and reveal effects. 110% is the default — meaning the selected layer will scroll slightly faster compared to your other layers.

Note: You can also set a negative percentage to make a layer scroll very slowly.

The position property allows you to customise the final position of the layer, relative to the top of the viewport. If you set this to Current, it will match the position as you have defined it on the Canvas. If you set it to Scroll, it will match the top of the viewport — but you can define a custom vertical offset if position is set to Scroll.

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Design and publish a site today.

Design and publish a site today.