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Circlex is a cutting-edge Payment SaaS designed specifically for Framer Templates, offering seamless and secure payment processing for your creative projects. With Circlex, you can elevate your design and development game by effortlessly integrating payment functionality into your Framer Templates.

Introducing Circlex, the avant-garde Payment SaaS (Software as a Service) tailor-made for Framer Templates. It revolutionizes the way you handle payments in your creative projects, ensuring seamless and secure transactions.

Circlex empowers you to take your design and development endeavors to new heights by effortlessly incorporating payment functionality into your Framer Templates. Monetizing your digital creations has never been easier. Say goodbye to the complexities of payment processing and hello to a streamlined, hassle-free solution.

With Circlex, you're equipped to enhance your projects, generate revenue, and optimize the user experience. It's the ultimate tool for designers and developers seeking to unlock the full potential of their digital creations. Elevate your work, maximize your earnings, and embrace the future of payment processing with Circlex.


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