Import from Figma

Import from Figma

All you need to do is copy the layers you want to bring over in Figma and paste them on the Framer canvas.

How to Paste

  1. Install the Figma to HTML with Framer plugin

  2. In Figma, select what you want to copy

  3. Go to the Figma menuPluginsFigma to HTML with Framer

  4. In Framer, open a new or existing project

  5. Paste on the canvas

You can run the last plugin again with ⌥⌘P.

Best Practices

Tips for a smoother importing experience.

  • Bring What you Need: Leave your rough iterations behind and focus on what you want to publish.

  • Smaller is Better: Try to import only the pieces you need, and assemble in Framer in possible.

Replacing Fonts

Unfortunately Framer cannot import fonts from Figma, so any non standard font will be replaced with a default. You can easily batch replace these with a Google or custom font:


An overview of Figma features that Framer does not support:

Components and Libraries

We often get asked why we don't extend our importer to convert whole libraries. While it seems an appealing idea, we decided against it for two reasons:

  • Components created for a static canvas just work different than components you need to ship to a production site. The expectation would be to just "make that work" and that would be impossible.

  • The component options from Figma don't really overlap enough with how Framer works so we could get things for 80% right (if we spend a ton of time in it), which doesn't really meet the usefulness bar.

That said, our importer is really good and should give you a pretty great starting point when porting over your library to production components.