How to Link Pages

Linking to other Pages or external URLs

Learn how to add links to any page, or set up a link to anchor to a specific section of a page.


Creating Links Made Easy

With the Link property, adding connectivity to any text layer or frame is a straightforward process. Whether it's an intra-site page link or a connection to an external URL, the selection process is as simple as a click.

Building Anchors with Target

Another exciting feature we offer is the ability to link to specific sections within a page using a 'Target'. 'Targets' act as anchors and need to be pre-defined in the layer you plan to link. The setup process is straightforward: navigate to the element you want to anchor to and enable the Scroll Target property. Once you've assigned a name to the target, it becomes available in the link dropdown list. For a live example, feel free to check this link.

Personalizing Links with Link Styles

To enhance the user experience, we give you the liberty to customize the appearance of your text links. To define a 'Link Style', you can use the Style property, located within the Link section on the properties panel. From there, you can either choose from our select pre-defined link styles or let your creativity run wild by creating your own.

Unleashing the Flexibility of Link Styles

Link Styles aren't standard text styles; they're much more flexible and customized. Firstly, they involve only a subset of overridable properties such as color and decoration. This design choice saves you the hassle of dealing with every property, resulting in a smoother, faster design process. Furthermore, they come with predefined states like default, hover, and active. This ensures the link style is rendered dynamically based on its state, delivering a more interactive navigation experience.