Workspace and site plans explained


Workspace and site plans explained

Framer offers a flexible pricing model that adjusts to your needs. You can choose the specific features you require and easily scale up as your project or team grows.

You can purchase two main types of plans through our website:

  • Site Plans: These are essential for each project you wish to develop on Framer. The plans include hosting services, and all the paid options enable you to link a custom domain for your project.

  • Workspace Plans: Your Workspace area in Framer is where you can view and manage all your projects. Workspace plans are designed to add more members to your team, facilitating collaboration on projects. Moreover, they give you extra features, such as Custom Code across all projects.

The Site plan includes the necessary tools and features for constructing your project. On the other hand, the Workspace plan focuses on collaboration and managing your Framer Workspace.

If your team doesn't have an additional editor, the system will automatically assign the Free Workspace to you when you purchase a Site Plan. When you add an additional editor to your team, a floating window will appear asking you to choose between the Basic or Pro Workspace plan.

Upon signing up with Framer, you will start with a free project with unlimited collaborators, allowing you to create and experiment, exploring the available features without any initial cost. Once you are ready to launch, head over to our pricing page and purchase the perfect plan for you.

If you require a customized solution, we provide Enterprise plans. To apply, please visit our Enterprise page.