Subscriptions and charges

Learn more about Framer’s subscription types, renewals, and charges.

Subscription types and automatic renewals

Framer offers both monthly and annual subscription options. Monthly subscriptions are charged at the start of your subscription and will be billed on the same day every month, including charges for additional editors and usage. Annual subscriptions, billed upfront for a year, automatically renew on their anniversary date. Additional charges for editors or usage in annual plans are billed monthly. You can read more about subscription types here.

Editor charges

Each workspace on Framer is billed for its editors. The cost per editor is expressed in our pricing page and it varies depending on the Workspace plan and the billing cycle. Adding editors can be done at any time via the invite panel in your project or through workspace settings.

Please note that added editors are charged monthly for easier management, irrespective of the initial subscription type.

Viewers are not charged, but if a viewer is upgraded to an editor, they will be charged accordingly. Learn more about roles and permissions here.

Viewing and managing plans and invoices

To view your current plan, navigate to the plans tab in your project or workspace settings. Here, you can also see all purchased plans and invoices for your team. For detailed invoice information, visit the Invoices tab in your workspace settings. Business teams with customized billing can contact Framer directly for invoice inquiries.

Cancellation, downgrades and refunds

Subscriptions automatically renew unless canceled before the renewal date. To cancel, go to the Plans tab in your site settings and select ‘Cancel Plan’. Upon cancellation, your plan’s benefits continue until the end of the billing cycle. For workspace plans, all site subscriptions must be canceled before the workspace plan is automatically terminated. You learn more about canceling your Framer plans here.

Downgraded plans receive a credit for the unused portion, applicable to future purchases. Billing and payment processing are handled by Stripe or

Refunds are generally not provided, except for users in the EU or Turkey, who are eligible for a refund within 14 days of the initial purchase. You can read more about it in our Refund Policy.

Additional support

For any billing-related inquiries or assistance, please contact Framer support.