Does Framer have an app for Slack?

Framer has an app for Slack that improves collaboration by making it easy to invite your team to your projects.

You can bring collaboration from Framer to Slack with the Framer app for Slack. Easily share projects and invite your whole team to collaborate on your new shiny site with just a click of a button.


Installation is easy, just click this link and in a few clicks you will install the app in your Slack workspace, and connect it to your Framer account.

How does it work?

After installing the app, when you share a link to one of your Framer projects in Slack, we will prompt you to decide whether you want to grant access to the shared project to others in the Slack channel. If you choose to give them access, they will be invited via email to join your project. You can always revoke access in the future.

An alternative way of inviting people to your projects is by using the /framer invite command. This will show a flow where you can select which Framer project you would like to share with anyone from your project.