CSS styles support


CSS styles support

We continuously add new CSS styles. However, browser support for these properties may vary in Framer. Here, we will provide an overview of the compatibility of modern styles.

In addition to the default styles, Framer allows you to incorporate various CSS styles such as Blur, Filters, Blending, Z Index, Cursor, Pointer Events, and User Select. These styles have been widely supported by major browsers for a long time. In this section, we will highlight some properties that have been introduced relatively recently but are well-supported enough to be included.


The overscroll property defines what happens when reaching the boundary of a scrollable area. In Framer, a scrollable area could be a Frame or Stack with Overflow set to Scroll. It’s especially useful for mobile navigations, where it can be used to prevent the background from being scrolled while your scrollable menu is open. It’s currently (December 2023) supported in the following browser versions. The most recent browser to support it is Safari, which started supporting it in September 2022. For the latest overview at any time, see here.

  • Chrome: 65+

  • Chrome on Android: 111

  • Edge: 79+

  • Safari: 16+

  • Safari on iOS: 16+

  • Firefox: 59+

  • Opera: 52+

  • Opera Mobile: 73

  • Samsung Internet: 8.2+

  • Android Browser: 119

  • Firefox for Android: 119