Limiting the number of visible CMS items


Limiting the number of visible CMS items

Having control over how many CMS items your page displays can be particularly useful, especially when you're dealing with blog homepages where you could want to exhibit only the latest posts.

To limit the number of visible CMS items on your webpage, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the CMS content: On the canvas, locate and select the CMS content you want to limit.

  2. Access the CMS Content section: Navigate to the right sidebar. Here, you'll find the section named "CMS Content".

  3. Click the plus icon: You will notice a plus icon on the right side of the CMS Content section. Click on it.

  4. Select the 'Limit' option: A dropdown will appear once you click the plus icon. From this list, select "Limit".

  5. Define your limit: Now, you will be able to stipulate the maximum number of CMS items you wish to showcase on your page.