Hosting with Amazon CloudFront

Cloudfront is Amazons advanced content delivery network.


⚠️ Note: Framer uses Cloudfront by default, so you only need this when you want advanced control over your hosting.

Log in to the AWS Management Console and go to CloudFront. Click “Create Distribution”.

Add your Framer domain in the “Origin Domain” field, optionally tweak your settings and click “Create Distribution”.

Wait for the distribution to be deployed and then click the link (in this case

If you visit the distribution link you will now see your Framer site hosted by CloudFront.

Setting up multiple origins

If you are looking to setup one CloudFront distribution like this:

Repeat the steps above and create a distribution for each origin. Now for the main distribution ( click the “Behaviours” tab and “Create Behaviour”.

Now add a path pattern /framer-project/* and select the Framer project origin. There are quite some options for the matching, but this basically means that everything under /framer-project/ will get forwarded to the Framer site.

Save your changes and wait for the changes to be deployed. Now you’ll have two origins under a single CloudFront distribution. As a next step you will likely want to add your main domain to your CloudFront distribution:

Using custom URLs by adding alternate domain names (CNAMEs)

Routing traffic to an Amazon CloudFront distribution by using your domain name

Tip: if you want CloudFront to work with your naked / apex domain ( instead of it’s the easiest to use Route53.