How bunq migrated their localized website from Webflow to Framer in 2 weeks.

“I’d recommend Framer to anyone who is thinking about moving from Webflow. It’s so much easier to go from 0-100, even if you don’t know HTML or CSS”

Headshot of Joshua from bunq

Joshua Bar-El

Website Owner at Bunq

2 weeks

To migrate from Webflow to Framer

To migrate from Webflow to Framer

To migrate from Webflow to Framer

9 locales

Across bunq’s site

Across bunq’s site

Across bunq’s site

1 person

Required for migration

Required for migration

Required for migration

Before Framer

bunq had previously migrated from a custom code solution to Webflow to expedite the process of launching new pages and reduce developer workload. As a fintech company with an international customer base, bunq required robust localization capabilities for their website. Initially using Webflow Enterprise combined with Weglot for localization, bunq found that Weglot couldn't meet their specific localization needs. Upon learning about Framer's upcoming localization features, bunq decided to get in touch with Framer and learn more about our localization offering.

Motivation and Goals

One of the biggest objectives of bunq’s migration was to improve the page speed of their localized domains, which had been adversely affected by Weglot’s approach to serving translated pages. Just 1 week after their launch bunq have seen improvements in the speed of their localized pages, thanks to Framer’s server-side rendering. They desired greater control over the translation of their website, with the ability to control what content a visitor can see depending on their locale.

bunq primarily evaluated Framer against Webflow’s new localization tool. When the bunq team started testing Framer and digging into it’s design and development capabilities, they quickly fell in love with how easy and intuitive it is to create new pages and make updates in Framer. The ease of use of Framer, combined with its robust new localization features, made it an ideal choice for bunq.


bunq didn’t combine their site migration with a rebrand, they simply migrated their existing site to Framer. It took them just 2 weeks to build and deploy their new site in Framer, having made some small design and quality of live improvements during the process. Integration with Google Analytics, Adjust, and Snowplow for tracking was seamlessly achieved by linking their Google Tag Manager with Framer’s native cookie banner component.

Now that their site is live and performing well on Framer, bunq are planning on running some A/B tests to optimise their website content. They’ll use VWO to track the performance of their different content and design variations. With Framer, it’s so quick for the team at bunq to duplicate their pages, create a variant, and set up a quick split URL test – allowing their marketing team to own these experiments with autonomy from the developer team.

Adoption and Support

Support wasn’t one of the initial reasons that bunq decided to migrate to Framer, but it’s quickly become one of their most-loved parts of Framer’s Enterprise offering. The direct Slack channel between bunq and Framer’s support team allowed them to get help directly from the best people – they could speak to engineers directly about bugs, product specialists about best practices, and even our marketing team to discuss tracking options.

The week before bunq launched their new website, the team was having issues with implementing their marketing tracking and could not figure out the cause. Within a few hours, Joshua was in a meeting with Framer’s marketing team to discuss how they had set up its cookie banner, and we jumped into the project to help them identify and solve the issue.

With Webflow, bunq found enterprise support slow and hard to engage with. Framer’s team of product specialists and engineers, on the other hand, is eager to dive straight into your projects in Framer and work with you to get your new site live and working just how you want it to.

What’s next for bunq?

bunq’s marketing goals for the year include improving and enhancing their site localization and personalization. They plan to customize the website based on visitors' ad exposure and location. Leveraging Framer's localization capabilities, bunq aims to provide visitors with the most relevant content, thereby enhancing user experience and website conversion metrics.

We at Framer are so excited to continue working with bunq to help them expand on their already impressive digital presence. With big CMS updates coming this year, we’re confident that we can help them to hit their marketing and sales goals.

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