How Contra’s marketing team found creative freedom with Framer

“Framer has unlocked this huge opportunity for every company who has ever struggled with how to get marketing right, iterate, and not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on engineering support for custom landing pages”

Ben Huffman

CEO at Contra


Increased branded clicks

Increased branded clicks

Increased branded clicks






Experts used

Experts used

Experts used


Contra’s small but mighty team faced a challenge in balancing autonomy for designers and marketers while ensuring efficient collaboration with the development team. Previously, they custom-coded every part of their site, a time-consuming process that diverted developer resources from focusing on building the core product.

Choosing Framer

Ben, Contra’s CEO and a Framer advocate initially discovered Framer a few years ago when it was still a Prototyping tool. In fact, the early Contra designs were prototyped in Framer. It became really clear to the team at Contra that Framer’s enterprise offering aligned perfectly with their needs. Framer not only allows the team to publish their new landing pages with the push of a button but also provides SEO focus, creative freedom, and autonomy for the design and marketing teams.

Framer Experts Partnership

Engaging Framer Experts Adriano and Paul proved pivotal for Contra. The collaboration with these Experts accelerated the creation and deployment of landing pages and site updates. Recognising their limited internal bandwidth, Contra leveraged Framer Experts to expedite launches and marketing initiatives and simultaneously upskill internal staff.

Framer’s Support

As an enterprise customer, Contra benefits from Framer’s robust customer support. With guaranteed response times of 24 hours or less, Contra swiftly received assistance on queries related to layouts, CMS usage, and design best practices. Framer's support team played a crucial role in ensuring Contra's seamless integration of the tool into their workflows.

Future Collaboration

Contra is experiencing rapid growth, establishing itself as the preferred platform for both freelancers and companies. Framer remains a key partner, supporting Contra in lightning-fast landing page deployments. Framer is committed to addressing any product-related queries promptly, ensuring Contra's continued success in their mission to connect freelancers, clients, and companies.

Enterprise Features

Advanced CMS

Roles & Permissions

Realtime Multiplayer

Gather Feedback

Staging Environment

99.9% Uptime

Dedicated IP

Premium CDN

Custom Hosting

Server-Side Rendering

Great for SEO

Slack Support


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