Start from Figma.

Import your work from Figma and turn static designs into incredible interactive prototypes in minutes.

in Figma

in Framer

One seamless,
product design

1. Import your Figma designs into Framer.

Transfer your Figma work to Framer, either straight from the dashboard or within a project.

2. Swap static with interactive.

Right-click and use Replace With to trade static elements for real functional components. Customize styling and populate them with live data.

3. Create a prototype in no time.

Flesh out a full user experience by linking frames, creating scrollable content, perfecting custom transitions with Magic Motion, and more.

in just minutes.

Framer Web has been built from the ground up for the beginner without sacrificing advanced functionality. The Insert Menu is the new shortcut for finding everything. Browse and add powerful components with just a few clicks.

thousands of

Infuse your work with interactivity.

Switching out static layers for interactive components is as easy as a right-click. Replace With unlocks a wide range of options. Think checkboxes, input fields, video players, and even devices.

Import static designs...

...and turn them interactive

Get started with Framer.

Whether you bring over designs from Figma, Sketch or decide to start from scratch, Framer is the best tool for interactive prototyping.