How to fix nested links optimization warning

Nested links are not allowed on web pages, which prevents us from optimizing pages with nested links for performance and SEO.

A website with a nested link warning indicates that there is an element or component with multiple layers, each containing its own links. Nested links are often created by linking an entire frame and inserting text with additional links.

Framer can help you avoid most of these issues by detecting them on the canvas for static content such as Frames and static text. In such cases, we will display a small alert next to your layer, along with a "See Layer" to the element, allowing you to fix the issues before publishing.

To fix it, simply remove one of the links (it’s typically the outer one) and rework your structure so that they don’t nest anymore.

Unfortunately, there are instances where we can only detect issues after publishing the page. This happens when dynamic content creates nested links. Examples include CMS content with links, components with fixed links, and overrides and code components that introduce links.

Fixing the "nested links" optimization warning

If your published site contains nested links, you will receive a warning. Follow these steps to identify the nested links from the warning.

Click the warning link and it will take you to a page where you can see related warnings. This file will help you locate items with nested links.

Example of where to find nested links

The wrapper frame has a link set.

Unfortunately, the Button component also has a link set, causing a nested link error. To optimize your site again, remove one of the links.

If you have followed the steps above and are still experiencing the issue, please create a support ticket here.