Understanding Partner and Affiliate payouts


Understanding Partner and Affiliate payouts

This guide provides insights into how partner and affiliate payouts function at Framer.

Partner Payouts

Partners receive payouts two months after reaching the $200 threshold to account for potential template refunds. Payouts are processed in batches corresponding to specific months; for example, earnings from March are paid out in May, and earnings from April are paid out in June.

Using FirstPromoter

FirstPromoter is the platform we use to manage partner referrals and payouts. Shortly after being accepted into the partner program, you'll receive an invitation from FirstPromoter. Here, you'll find your affiliate tag and can track your payments.

  • If you're an affiliate, this is the direct link you'll use.

  • If you're building templates or working with clients, you'll need to add a version of this tag to the end of your remix link (like so: https://framer.com/projects/new?duplicate=ASuqMUXMTHwmTguM8Qr8&via=partner-tag). Learn more about how to create a remix link with an affiliate tag.

Ensuring the correct setup is crucial because we can only attribute referrals if the partner tag is added to remix links correctly.

Important Reminders

Always use the remix link with your partner tag attached when building for clients or creating templates to ensure proper attribution. When embedding Framer in content such as blogs or courses, utilize the framer.com affiliate link. Note that we can only attribute sites to partners if the client site is handed over with the remix link that includes the partner tag at the end.

We hope this explanation clarifies our attribution and payout system. For any questions or assistance, feel free to contact the Partners team.