Send form submissions straight to your Mailchimp account.


Drag and drop any Mailchimp form onto any page on your Framer site. Customize the look and feel to make your email subscribe form match your brand perfectly. Send form submissions straight to your Mailchimp account.

How to add a Mailchimp subscribe form to your site

Create a new embedded form or open an existing embedded form in Mailchimp. Go to Embedded Form Code, and copy the form URL. (You’ll find it between the quotes in <form action="">.)

Next, open a project in Framer. On the left of your Framer canvas, you’ll find the Insert panel. Find Mailchimp in the Integrations section. Drag the Mailchimp component—with an email text field and a sign up button—onto any web page on your canvas.

From there, you’ll be able to paste the form URL into the properties panel on the right. Below URL, you’ll notice fields for input, button, and more. Choose to show or hide fields, and change the form layout if you’d like. You can customize the appearance by changing colors, adding custom fonts, and modifying the radius. 

Preview or publish to test it yourself and you’ll see that your form works instantly.

Favorite ways to use Mailchimp in Framer

Stay top of mind by sending site visitors great email content that keeps them coming back again and again. You can start growing your email subscriber list—and your site’s audience—on a Framer site in just seconds with the Mailchimp integration.

  • Offer discounts on products and services in exchange for an email address. Turn shoppers into repeat buyers by offering them a coupon code when they join your email list.

  • Gate high-quality content so potential leads can enter their email to download a white paper or PDF. Make the most of your sales funnel when you use follow-up emails to qualify great leads.

  • Send exclusive tips to subscribers that make site visitors want to opt-in. Send them emails packed with tips and resources they wouldn’t get otherwise.

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