Adding Videos

Add any local or hosted video to your website, or embed from YouTube, Vimeo and more.

Adding Videos

Click on the Insert button in the toolbar to open the Insert panel. On the bottom you’ll find a dedicated Video section, where you can click and drag video components onto the Canvas. We include YouTube, Vimeo, Lottie, Giphy and native Video components by default.

If you use an integration like YouTube or Vimeo, all you need is the video URL to embed it onto the canvas. If you select the Video component, you can upload your own local files or references hosted MP4s. You also get a bunch of properties you can customize: whether or not you want the video to be autoplaying, the ability to add custom poster images, visual properties like border-radius, looping options, sizing options and more.

The video component is using the native <video> element, and the controls will differ per browser. You can read more about the video embed element here.

Autoplaying Video

Most modern browsers have very strict rules when it comes to auto-playing videos in order to lead to a better overall web browsing experience (Chrome and Safari). This means most of the time if you want a video to autoplay on your site, it will need to be muted. If an autoplaying video must have audio, you'll want to play it after an interaction with the site, for example a button that opens an overlay with the video inside.