How to become a Template Creator


How to become a Template Creator

Becoming a Framer template creator opens doors to numerous benefits, including earning 100% revenue from your templates and gaining significant exposure.

Benefits of being a Template Creator

  • Retain 100% of the revenue on every template sold.

  • Generate income from free templates through affiliate links.

  • No mandatory minimum for monthly template submissions.

  • Gain exposure with thousands of daily page views.

  • Join one of the fastest-growing template economies.

If you have more than 5 high-quality templates, you can become a Top Template Creator. See benefits here.

Submission requirements

To ensure a high-quality marketplace, we only publish templates that meet our stringent submission requirements. Review our guidelines to enhance your chances of having your template featured among the top Framer templates.

How to submit a template

Ready to share your creativity? Visit our Template Submission Page to upload your work and join the Official Template Marketplace.