How to update page titles, descriptions, and social images on Google, LinkedIn, and other platforms

A social image and metadata might not update due to several reasons. Follow the debugging instructions below to resolve this.

Common reasons for metadata not updating

The most common reason is that social networks often cache old metadata.

Another reason could be that your site is not optimized. If that‘s the case, all pages will show the social image from the general site settings. Refer to this guide for more information on site optimization.

Sometimes, you might have changed your image or metadata but forgot to republish your site. This happens to the best of us, so make sure to republish your site after making any changes. Additionally, if you changed the general image or metadata but your page has individual settings, those individual settings will override the site-wide ones. Ensure the page-specific settings are also updated.

Checking metadata updates

To confirm that your site is working as expected, you can use services like or If your information displays correctly on these services, it should soon update on all other platforms, and there’s usually not much else you can do.

Specific platform instructions - Google

For Google, note that it can take several days for Google to pick up your new information. You can also ask Google to recrawl your site to speed up the process: Ask Google to Recrawl.

It’s also worth mentioning that Google oftentimes changes the meta description for your page. If you want to prevent this behaviour, we suggest you read the ‘Data-nosnippet directive’ section of this help article.

Specific platform instructions - LinkedIn

If LinkedIn is not showing the correct information, visit this link to force LinkedIn to reset its cache: Clear LinkedIn Cache.

Network-specific debugging tools

When you see an old image on a specific social network, you can use the network's own debugging tools:

Still having issues?

If you notice incorrect information on metatags, please post in the Support section with a remix link to your project so that we can investigate the issue. Additionally, you can check out this video tutorial for more guidance.