Using the Canvas

The pan tool is the easiest way to navigate the canvas. It allows you to pan without accidentally clicking on objects.


The Canvas controls are located in the bottom bar. From left to right, these tools are: selection, pan, and commenting. On the far right, there is a zoom menu. Clicking on it will display shortcuts for zooming, such as zooming to your current selection or to a specific percentage.


If you are using a mouse, you can select the Pan tool or hold the Space key while clicking and dragging to pan around the Canvas. If you are using a trackpad, simply click and drag to pan around the canvas and scroll in any direction with two fingers.


The default zoom level in Framer is 100%. You can customize this view by selecting the zoom percentage dropdown in the Canvas bar. This allows you to zoom in or out according to your preference. You can also use keyboard shortcuts: ⌘ CMD + to zoom in and ⌘ CMD - to zoom out. On a Windows computer, you can zoom in with CTRL + and zoom out with CTRL -. With this option, the zoom increment doubles each time.

On a trackpad, you can pinch or stretch two fingers to zoom in or out. With a mouse, you can press and hold ⌘ Command (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) and scroll.