Keyboard Shortcuts


Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigate and perform actions easily with your keyboard.

In Framer, you can use pre-recorded key combinations to perform actions quickly. For instance, you can publish your site, duplicate an item, or add a frame.

To access all available keyboard shortcuts, click the project menu, locate Help, and select Keyboard Shortcuts. A pop-up will show the list of shortcuts.

Some helpful shortcuts are:

  • Publish Site: ⇧⌘P

  • Quick Actions: ⌘K

  • Library: ⌘/

  • Frame: F

  • Stack: S

  • Create Component: ⌥⌘K

  • Add Frame: ⌘⏎

  • Add Stack: ⌥⌘⏎

  • Remove Wrapper: ⌘⌫

  • Zoom to Fit: ⌘1

  • Zoom to Selection: ⌘2