Understanding descriptive link text


Understanding descriptive link text

Learn how to optimize accessibility and navigation in your site with descriptive link text

What is descriptive link text?

Descriptive link text is the visible, clickable text that creates a hyperlink. It provides meaningful information about the linked content, unlike generic phrases such as “Click here” or “Read more”.

Creating descriptive links is a good practice for web usability and accessibility because it helps users, including those who rely on screen readers, understand the purpose and destination of the link without having to rely solely on surrounding context.

For instance, in the non-descriptive link "Click here," the text does not provide any information about what the user can expect when clicking the link. It lacks context and does not contribute to the user's understanding of the linked content. On the other hand, a descriptive link like "Explore our guide on sustainable living" gives the user a clear idea of what the link leads to.