What does the Free plan include?


What does the Free plan include?

The Free Plan is a generous offering designed for flexible and extensive experimentation, providing a broad range of features across various aspects.

As of May 2024, the Free plan includes:

  1. Unlimited Projects: Test and experiment with Framer on numerous projects at no cost.

  2. Free Publishing: Publish seamlessly all free websites using a Framer domain (ex. example.framer.app).

  3. CMS Capacity: The plan allows for up to 1,000 CMS Items and 10 CMS Collections.

  4. SSL Certificate: A free SSL Certificate is included, bolstering security.

  5. Bandwidth Limit: Enjoy up to 100MB/month bandwidth at no additional cost.

  6. Visitor Limit: Cater to up to 1,000 Visitors/month for free.

What can you create with the Free plan?

The Free plan accommodates a diverse range of web designs, including portfolios, personal websites, landing pages, templates, and "Coming Soon" pages. With Framer, the possibilities extend far beyond this list.

What if you exceed the monthly visitor limit?

When you reach your monthly visitor cap, Framer will email you about your limits and provide upgrade information to increase your visitor capacity.