How to manage charges

Learn how sites and editors are charged and how to manage these charges.

Editor Charges

Editors are billed on a team level. When you purchase a site plan, the first time you will also see a team plan added to your account. If you do not have any collaborators on your team you will not be charged for the team plan. In this case, you will see a team invoice for $0 in your billing settings.

For all of your existing editors, you will be billed $20*12/yr per editor when you purchase a yearly plan, and $25/mo per editor when you purchase a monthly plan. Please note that any editors added after this will be charged monthly at $25/mo for easier management.

Editors can be added in any time from the invite panel in your project or via your team settings. Admins are also charged as editors and viewers are not charged for.

Managing Editors

You can add or remove editors anytime from your Team Settings. To do this, go to your Framer dashboard and click on Team Settings.

In the Invite tab, you can invite editors individually through the Invite via Email section. Alternatively, you can also copy a link that you can send to your teammates which allow them to join your team as an editor or viewer in a single click.

In the Members tab, you can see all of your existing team members and upgrade or downgrade their role at any given time. Viewers can be given editor access, and editors can be revoked of their editing rights by finding the member you wish to change the role of, and selecting the desired user role from the list.

Note: If a team viewer is added back to the team as an editor or admin, they will be charged again. If you wish to avoid being charged for editors completely, you need to cancel your small team account instead.

View All Plans and Invoices

You can view which plan your project is on by navigating to the Plans tab of your site settings. If you wish to view an overview of all of the plans tied to your team, you will need to go to your team settings. Once you are there, click on the Plans tab to view all of the plans you have purchased for the team. From here, you will be able to not only open the project, but also modify the plan as you see fit.

In order to view all of the invoices tied to your team, go to the Invoices tab in your team settings. You will be able to view all of your existing and upcoming invoices from this tab.

Cancel Plans

If you wish to cancel your site plan, you can do so by opening the Plans tab in your site settings. Underneath the Subscribed button, you will see a button that reads Cancel Plan. Once you click on this button, you will be asked to provide your feedback and cancel your plan accordingly. Once you cancel your plan, you will be able to keep your benefits until the end of the billing cycle.

Once you have canceled your plan, the canceled status will be reflected in your site settings and in the team settings Plans tab. If you unsubscribed by accident or wish to continue using Framer, please reach out to us at

If you wish to cancel your team account, you will first need to cancel all of your site subscriptions tied to the team. Once you cancel the last site subscription tied to your team, your team account will be automatically canceled, meaning you will no longer be charged for editors once the billing cycle ends.

Learn More

For a more detailed overview on our renewal, refund and cancellation terms, please visit our Billing and Charges page.