How to report an issue

If you run into an issue, you can report them via email or on Discord (in #bugs). If you have an enterprise plan, you can also ping your account manager directly.


To fix issues we basically need to do two things on our end:

• We need to fully understand what’s happening: what is the error, what version, browser, operating system, etc.

• We need to reproduce the issue (be able to get the same one on a developer machine) so we can come up with a fix and verify it.

Typically the fix itself takes minutes, but the two steps above can take from hours to days. That’s why you can help to get your bug fixed as soon as possible by including these details when you file an issue:

The full error message (if there is one).

Any output from the Console in the Web Inspector.

In Chrome: Go to View > Developer > JavaScript Console

In Safari: Hold down ⌥ ⌘ C

In Firefox: Go to Tools > Browser Tools > Browser Console

All the information about your environment (version, os, browser). You can use the bottom bar to copy all the information to your clipboard.

The project URL (don’t forget to give us access).

The published page versioned URL (if it’s a site issue).

Bonus: It always really helps to get screenshots or screen recordings.