Prototyping Plans

Questions and answers for people on a paid prototyping plan.

I’m on a prototyping plan, how soon do I have to switch to the new interface?

You can take all the time you want. While new projects get the new interface by default, old projects need to be upgraded to get the new interface, which you can do at the best time for you.

I’m on a prototyping plan, what’s the difference between my current plan and a site plan?

The prototyping plan accounts for the current prototyping workflow, especially around sharing. While old projects have live preview sharing, new projects require you to publish your prototype, bringing you versioned links, faster loading and more presentation options. 

Because of this, people who share prototypes with a paid team account (prototyping or sites) using publishing don’t get the “Made with Framer” branding on the published project, so that they can share and user test as much as they like.

I’m on a $20/m seat for prototyping now. What happens if I cancel my plan because the new free plan comes with the first user free?

If you cancel your entire plan today, all new published projects will start to show a “Made in Framer” banner. The first free user comes with a site plan, so to remove the “Made with Framer” branding again, upgrade one project to a paid site (and you’ll be upgraded to a small team plan again).

How do I upgrade my prototyping plan to a new plan?

If you upgrade your first site project to paid, we convert all your current team members to a new small team account. If you need assistance or have any questions upfront you can always send an email to

If I’m switching to the new interface but I prototype, how do I share without branding and without having to pay for every project?

If you are on a paid plan (prototyping or site) we never show branding on any published site so you can publish as many prototypes as you like.