Features, fixes & improvements.

Features, fixes & improvements.

Features, fixes & improvements.

October 4, 2022

This update brings many experience improvements, small yet impactful quality-of-life features, and general bug fixes. We’ll list some of the highlights below.

  • The Layout tool includes 2 new Grid presets: Grid Row and Grid Span.

  • The Layout tool has new shortcuts for the most common presets.

  • The default layout of any Frame turned Stack has been simplified.

  • Breakpoints turned Stacks have better default layout options.

  • Effects can now be edited and customized across breakpoints.

  • Creating Fixed or Absolute layers no longer prevents layout inheritance.

  • Switching between Stack and Grid now maintains your Stack layout.

  • When deleting pages, we now allow you to replace all links.

  • Fixed issues when combining Scroll Speed and Scroll Appear effects.

  • Using CMS Colors or Numbers for styling now works in published sites.

  • Changing text content in variants no longer causes unwanted animations.

  • We’ve simplified the linking property panels within Components.

  • We’ve added keyboard shortcuts for alignment and distribution.

  • We’ve added a setting to align to the parent or the selection.

  • We’ve simplified the navigation components in the Insert Menu.

  • We’ve refreshed the educational tooltips within the property panel.

  • We’ve improved website generation to prevent layers becoming hidden.