Downgrading or removing members

You can downgrade or remove members from a workspace or a project at any time.

Downgrading Project Members

For Free and Basic Workspace plans, there are only two permission levels: Edit and View.

To downgrade a project member to a viewer for a specific project, go to the Invite Tab, choose the user you want to downgrade, and click "Can View".

For Pro and Enterprise Workspace plans with advanced permissions, you can deselect all editing rights, which will downgrade the user to view-only status.

Removing Project Members

You can remove any project member by selecting “Remove” from the Invite menu. Remember that they can still be members of other projects too, you can find this out in the Workspace Settings. Follow the steps outlined below.

Downgrading Workspace Members

To downgrade project or workspace editors to viewers, go to Workspace Settings, select a member in the Members Tab and click “Remove editor Access”. The member will be converted to a viewer role across all your projects with read only rights.

Removing Workspace Members

Removing members from the workspace will have a different process depending on what role the team member has:

  • Project Editor: You can downgrade them to viewer in all the projects they have access. In order to fully remove them from the workspace, you will need to remove them from each project individually.

  • Workspace editor or viewer: You can remove them from the Workspace settings by clicking “Remove from team”