How to add Hotjar to your website


How to add Hotjar to your website

Hotjar offers Heatmaps, Recordings, Feedback, Surveys, and Interviews to provide a comprehensive view of your UX.

Here are the steps to add the Hotjar script to your website to track user behaviors.

  1. Go to your Hotjar account.

  2. Go to sites and add a new site. Add your website’s main URL. (including https://)

  3. Copy the tracking code and paste it into start of <head> tag in general site settings.

  1. Hit Save and then republish your website.

  2. In your Hotjar account verify installation. When you click verify installation button, it will open a browser window and display a message telling you if Hotjar is installed correctly. It’s important to make sure pop-up is not blocked in your browser by default.

After installing the Hotjar Tracking Code, data collection begins when visitors come to your site. You should see results within 60 minutes.