How to add video


How to add video

You can add videos to your website by uploading a local video or embedding them from platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Add video

To add a video to your site, click on the "Insert" button and go to the "Media" section. Drag and drop a video component onto the Canvas. The available options are a native Video component, YouTube, and Vimeo.

For YouTube or Vimeo integration, simply provide the video URL to embed it on the canvas. If you select the Video component, you can upload your own local files or reference hosted MP4s. You can customize various properties such as autoplay, custom poster images, border-radius, looping, and sizing.

Autoplaying video

Please note that autoplaying videos are subject to strict rules in modern browsers (such as Chrome and Safari) to enhance the web browsing experience. In most cases, autoplaying videos need to be muted. If you want an autoplaying video with audio, it is recommended to play it after an interaction with the site, such as clicking a button to open an overlay with the video inside.