Why won't my video auto-play on my site?


Why won't my video auto-play on my site?

If you're wondering why your video isn't automatically playing with sound on your website, it's primarily due to default settings in web browsers.

Most browsers are configured to block autoplay videos with sound to create a more pleasant browsing experience and avoid overwhelming visitors.

In platforms like Framer, including built-in players and those from YouTube and Vimeo, videos are set to autoplay only when muted. This means the video will start playing automatically, but without sound, until a user chooses to engage with the video player.

Setting Up Muted Autoplay Videos

To implement an autoplay video on your website without initial audio:

  • Configure your video player: Ensure the ‘muted’ property is set to ‘yes’ within the video player’s settings.

By doing this, your video will automatically play silently when a visitor lands on your site, and sound can be activated by user interaction. This approach respects user preferences and complies with browser autoplay policies.