Best use cases for each Framer plan

Framer offers flexible pricing to ensure you pay only for the features you need, with two main plan types: Site Plans and Workspace Plans. Scale your plan as your project requirements or team size grow.

Site Plans

Site Plans provide essential tools and features to create and launch stunning websites. All paid Site Plans include reliable hosting services, allowing you to focus on building rather than infrastructure.

Free Site Plan

Ideal for hobbyists and personal projects, the Free Plan includes essential features to create basic stunning sites with a Free Framer domain. A “Made in Framer” banner is added when publishing. This plan is perfect for exploring the platform's capabilities without any financial commitment.

Mini Site Plan

Perfect for simple sites that need a custom domain, the Mini Plan supports a landing page and a 404 error page, and allows up to 1,000 visitors per month. This plan suits individuals or small businesses looking to establish an online presence with a professional touch.

Basic Site Plan

Best for personal sites with more content, the Basic Plan allows up to 150 pages, includes password protection, supports one CMS collection, and accommodates up to 10,000 visitors per month. Ideal for bloggers, portfolio sites, or small business websites that require more flexibility and content management.

Pro Site Plan

Designed for larger sites with advanced needs, the Pro Plan offers up to 300 pages, advanced analytics, a staging environment, and supports 10 CMS collections with up to 200,000 visitors per month. This plan is perfect for businesses needing robust site capabilities and detailed visitor insights.

Workspace Plans

Workspace Plans are designed specifically for teams, offering seamless collaboration on Framer projects.

Free Plan

Best for small teams just starting out, the Free Plan includes collaboration tools for use on free sites, allowing teams to get familiar with Framer's collaborative features at no cost.

Basic Workspace Plan

Ideal for small teams needing more features, the Basic Workspace Plan supports up to 5 editors (including the admin for free), offers a 7-day version history, and includes cursor chat. This plan is perfect for basic development teams or freelancers requiring extensive collaboration and customization capabilities.

Pro Workspace Plan

Ideal for teams needing advanced collaboration, the Pro Workspace Plan supports up to 10 editors (including the admin for free), offers advanced permissions, and includes a 30-day detailed version history. This plan is perfect for development teams and design agencies requiring extensive collaboration and customization capabilities.

Enterprise Plan

For larger organizations with unique requirements, Framer offers customized Enterprise plans. These plans provide custom hosting solutions, enterprise-level security, dedicated support, and unlimited capabilities. Visit our Enterprise page to learn more and apply if this solution interests you.

Start building with Framer for free! You'll get a free project and the ability to invite unlimited collaborators, giving you ample space to explore the platform's capabilities. When you're ready to launch your site and expand your workspace, visit our pricing page to select the Site and Workspace plans that meet your current needs.