How to integrate with your current site


How to integrate with your current site

If you want to combine Framer with an existing site you have multiple options.

Multiple Domains

The easiest way is to use multiple (sub)domains:

You can just set this domain in the Framer project directly and update your dns servers:

How to setup a custom domain

Single Domain

Framer can serve your entire site, but in an advanced setup you might want to host multiple websites under a single domain. For example:

This approach is possible only with a Enterprise Plan and it's common for complex websites. They are often called “micro frontends”; a single domain hosts many multiple independent web sites. To accomplish this you need find a host that offers proxy hosting with rewrite rules like Vercel, Netlify, CloudFlare etc.

How to self host using reverse proxy

Once setup, you will have to define “rewrite rules” to point every path to an origin. These work a little different for each hosting platform but they will always look a bit like the code below: