Live collaboration in Framer

You can collaborate on the canvas in realtime and design pages together with you entire team.

In the top-right corner of the app, you’ll see yourself plus anyone that has been in the project with you. If their profile photos are colored, it means they are actively viewing the project. If it’s greyed-out, it means they have previously viewed it. You can hover over any profile photo to see when that was.

Invite people to the project

You can click on your personal profile photo in the top-right corner to bring up the invite sheet. Here, you will be able to invite collaborators via email, as well as manage individual viewing and editing rights.

Depending on your Workspace plan, you'll be able to have more granular control over what other users can do. Read more here.

Cursor Chat

If people are actively in the project with you, and you are viewing the same Page, you will see their cursor appear on the Canvas. You can also chat with them right there, simply by pressing "/" and typing. They will see the message appear in your cursor (as long as your cursor is still in view for them). This is a neat way to quickly communicate while collaborating.


If you see that someone is currently in a project, you can hover over their profile and click the eye icon. The canvas will jump to the location they are currently viewing.