Troubleshooting Custom Domain issues


Troubleshooting Custom Domain issues

Encountering issues when linking your custom domain to your Framer project can be frustrating. We're here to help you understand and resolve these problems quickly.

In Framer, custom domains are set up through DNS records. These entries in your domain's DNS map your domain name to specific IP addresses and services, facilitating the connection between users and your project without the need for IP addresses.

To link a custom domain in Framer, you need to configure three key DNS records: two A records and one CNAME record.

  • A Records: These records should point your domain name to the IP addresses and, allowing your domain to connect to Framer's servers.

  • CNAME Record: This record should create an alias that routes traffic to a specific server or load balancer in Framer’s infrastructure.

On your registrar, default NS records are present and should not be altered. If your registrar does not permit adding A or CNAME records, consider changing the NS records to point to a DNS provider like Cloudflare, where you can add A and CNAME records.

Verify the DNS records added to your domain

If your site isn’t displaying as expected, first check your DNS settings in your domain registrar’s panel. It might take some time for these changes to propagate, which is the process by which new DNS settings are updated across the Internet.

To check DNS propagation, you can:

  • Use an online tool like MXToolbox at

  • Use command-line tools if you’re comfortable with technical tasks. Open your command line interface and type any of the commands below.

nslookup -type=a
nslookup -type

There are a few special considerations that you need to take into account.

  • Some domain providers, such as AWS Route53, do not allow multiple A records for the same domain. In this case, you can set both IP values ( and in a single record, separated by a newline.

  • If you notice additional DNS records in your domain registrar settings, be aware that some of these records may conflict with your custom domain:

    • Additional A records are not permitted.

    • AAAA records are not allowed.

    • CAA records are permitted, but you must include records with the values "" and "", which are the services Framer uses to issue certificates.

Update the Custom Domain status in Framer

After ensuring your DNS records are correctly set, go to the custom domain section in Framer and refresh the domain status manually if the update isn't automatic. To manually refresh the domain status, click on the update button 🔄 to confirm the custom domain DNS records are properly added.

If issues persist, document any error messages or unusual outcomes and contact support through the Framer Community. For more detailed guidance on managing custom domains, visit our detailed help article here.