Do I need to change my DNS settings to move my domain between projects?

Moving your domain from one project to another can be a straightforward process that doesn't require any changes to your DNS settings.

To transfer your custom domain between two Framer projects, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the domain from the current project: Go to the Site Settings of your current project, navigate to the Domains section, and choose the option to remove your custom domain.

  2. Add the domain to the new project: Go to the Site Settings of the new project, select "Connect a domain you own" under the Domains section, and enter your domain name.

Note that both projects need to be under a paid subscription in order to access the custom domain feature. If you want to transfer the subscription associated with a specific project to a different one, refer to this article for instructions.

While the domain transfer process itself doesn't require changes to your DNS settings, make sure to reconfigure any necessary configurations (e.g., custom redirects) in the new project to maintain functionality.

Following these steps will allow you to move your domain between projects smoothly, without needing to modify your DNS settings. If you need assistance or encounter any issues, contact Framer's support team through our contact page.